Just spoil you EP01~20 FULL ENGSUB 《偏偏宠爱》 第1 20集 合集版

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Just spoil you EP01~20 FULL ENGSUB 《偏偏宠爱》 第1-20集 合集版 #decoración habitación matrimonio

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In order to cure her son Cola’s congenital diabetes, a beautiful young cartoonist, Zhong Ling, takes Cola back to the city she left six years ago because she broke up with her ex, Han Donglai. When Cola accidentally gets lost, he meets Han Donglai, a man who often appears in his mother’s picture books, and mistaking him for his father, he is taken back to his office by Han Donglai, creating a love-hate relationship between the two men. The two who meet again are once again entangled by Cola’s birth and condition. On the one hand, due to Zhong Ling left this six years of best friend Chu Mo become a popular superstar, and help their own comics recommended by the film and television drama adaptation opportunities to make the former Han Donglai heart jealous, secretly investigated. On the other hand, Zhong Ling’s return to let has been deeply in love with Han Donglai Lin Xiaxie again crazy, repeated secret revenge. Zhong Cola’s real father to in the end who? Will the love of his predecessor be renewed?

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