Common Mistakes people make with accent walls

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Common Mistakes people make with accent walls #decoracion de interiores


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  1. Because it’s 2023 not 1963. That last one reminded me of the old cheetah rooms. Back when the carpet, couch, and drapes were the same crazy design. 😂 also you went from about $200 design to probably $1000 by adding all the walls and ceiling. And once again it’s 2023, we are all broke out here. The whole point of an accent wall is to pull your eyes to the main focus of the room, not the entire room being the focus point. That’s why it’s usually behind beds, couches, or tvs because that’s what the focus of the room is, to sleep, lounge, or entertain, etc.

  2. What I like about accent walls in the first examples is the fact that it frees up the rest of the room and allows for one wall to have "all the stuff". Makes the room less busy.
    The last two examples as a counter choice, to me, are way too busy. There's too much happening in the room and it does in fact what I don't like, drawing the eye everywhere at once. Where do we focus? I wasn't able to recognize actually which waa the accent wall

  3. She reminds me of that show pimp my ride when they are doing way too much to the cars, like putting a fish tank in the dashboard and a popcorn machine coming out the steering wheel.

  4. Depends on how busy you want it. The eye needs some where to rest. I like the rooms all full of color but only for a limited time. I prefer a mor simple rich accent wall and then other subtle things on the rest. For me it’s less cluttered feeling.

  5. Broken, out of place, mistake ?! Damn, insulting an entire generation because they use accent walls to save money is harsh.. The same goes with MCM decor, they are actually thrifting vintage decor that can actually be useful. Why should people spend alot of money to do all walls in a nursery when babies grow so quickly? Also if u are a renter its alot easier to put 1 wall back to the original than the entire room. 😊

  6. Another fact that interior designers does not get what looks good at everyone's point of view! Them not liking a personal design, does not make them agreeable, so what's up with interior designers? Is that even a job? 😆

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