Chatelet of the Chateau: Tour Just Before Its Restoration!

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Chatelet of the Chateau: Tour Just Before Its Restoration! #decoración habitación matrimonio

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In today’s video, I propose to discover the Châtelet of Chateau de Dampierre as we take an exclusive tour just before its restoration begins (in September 2023).

Nestled in the middle of the domain, between the main castle and the main gate, this architectural gem has stood as a testament to Medieval craftmenship.

As I prepare to breathe new life into this historic marvel, join me in capturing its original charm and uncovering some stories etched into its walls.

As we embark on this journey of restoration, it’s essential to remember and appreciate the original beauty that has inspired countless generations.

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21 comentario en “Chatelet of the Chateau: Tour Just Before Its Restoration!”
  1. Very interesting tour, thank you! I especially was intrigued by the little "calendar" marks on the dungeon wall. Fascinating!
    I wonder why the second floor ceiling is so high that it cuts into the third floor window? At first, I thought maybe a previous owner had the second floor ceiling raised. But then, the third floor is even with the doorways, but still cuts into the outside windows… it's very confusing! But then again, this is a very old structure, and who knows what all happened over the centuries?
    I look forward to your future videos!

  2. what is this! you were gonna show the basement, proceeds to show a stairway going down, but goes into one(allthough very intersting room) and then end! come on! 😛 What's underneath?

  3. 2ndFloor Ure Bedroom why don't the Bathroom next to the medieval toilet? Room where u gonna make Bathroom become walking closet to put clothes bag shoes
    1stFloor exactly same like2ndFloor Bathroom & medieval toilet into 1room next to Livingroom. Bcs Its gonna be weird that small toilet then Its library Instead sink to wash hand, towel to dry, mirror, toilet cabinet, 2 door nice so 1person can use toilet 1person can use mirror/sink. Other room for Library.
    3rdFloor View facing the MainChateau is Wonderfull why don't u pick the 3rdFloor as ure bedroom. Maybe too far upstairs.

  4. This is cool but I'd turn that tower into an old style tavern with kitchen area like you said but fireplace area with wooden tables and benches and maybe little inn uptop. Be sweet!

  5. It is so gratifying that a French Person is taking on the passion project of restoring a French Chateau. You clearly greatly respect the historic value of your property and are willing to go the extra lengths to maintain the integrity of the buildings. I am looking forward to watching the progress of your restoration project. In Canada we do not have anything of this age to appreciate so we can live vicariously through your efforts.

  6. Wow, amazing how well obuilt and still standing for the age. Amazing how people back then built things so well and only using simple tools.
    How about using LED lights that are in some type of light molding that work for the building? Also then you could use solar to keep it lit and make the solar screen discreet ?

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