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62 GENIUS HANDYMAN SECRETS #Ideas de bricolaje


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Hello my friends, today I have prepared for you a selection of 60 amazing ideas and secrets of the masters that will help you in your life. Thanks for watching.
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  1. I made my using a cable and cable connection tin foil and a paperclip. This I made when TV went to digital and later on I got tired of the paper clips falling out of the cable connector and used the inside of the cable wire. I pick up 59 channels in North Carolina. I just never did paton my idea my brother bought a antenna picked up three channels. I laughed and showed him all my televisions were connected the same way. I blew his mind when I showed him NHK and he's living in Japan retired from thirty years with the Navy. Free TV for everyone signal is great and just scan. Allen

  2. si en el trabajo me pongo a preparar todo lo que hace el compa del video me corren … las cosas en caliente de otra manera te mueres de hambre …jajajjajajajjajajajjajajaj

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