💕【Full Movie】男副總覬覦男子美色,故意設計陷害他的男友 #History

En el artículo de hoy, compartimos el artículo sobre 💕【Full Movie】男副總覬覦男子美色,故意設計陷害他的男友 #History. Puede encontrar detalles sobre 💕【Full Movie】男副總覬覦男子美色,故意設計陷害他的男友 #History en nuestro artículo.

💕【Full Movie】男副總覬覦男子美色,故意設計陷害他的男友 #History #decoración habitación matrimonio

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  1. Sigh I love these scenes. I love that they show that not all relationships are always cookies and creams it has it shares of rocky road moments. I love it showed just how strong and beautiful there love really is. I love that it showed Teng Teng standing right next to Li Chen after being falsely accused of bankrupt. Teng Teng stood next to Li Chen give him as much love and support he can by sleeping on the couch waiting for him to come to cooking him a heartfelt breakfast to cheer him. Now thats love right there. I have no words for the insanely love Teng Teng has for Li Chen. He literally put his life a risk for Li Chen. Trying to clarify his innocence. Now before someone calls Fu Jong Jie a rat or a snitch. I can see where he from. He doesn’t have a full friendship development with either Li Chen and Teng Teng but he does want to get close to them because he knows how valuable their friendship are his Xiao Yeh. He wanted to help them out because Teng Teng was doing something stupid and dangerous. He deadass drug the monster who drug him. Once again Li Chen to the rescue to drag his ass far away from the creep. It was a long passionate night for the lovebirds celebrating that Li Chen prove his innocence. Aww I love that all there Co Workers threw a welcome back party for Manager Xiao Li Chen. Li Chen got his job back at amuse and is all thanks to his baby Teng Teng his besties Xiao Yeh, Lui Mae Fang, Fu Jong Jie also helped and so did a very special person who we all know and love. How Li Chen and Teng Teng ever thank such an angel like Sun Bo. How about a big huge discount on his big day with his boo. That’s right Li Chen and Teng Teng along with Xiao Yeh are hosting the wedding of the year. My babies Sun Bo and Zhi Gang are going to tie the knot. All these wedding preparations are making the lovebirds Li Chen and Teng Teng questioned about theirs. Even Xiao Yeh is curious, look at him grin. Oh his boys knows he’s in trouble. Xiao Yeh is in love just like them Li Chen and Teng Teng are more in love than ever. Is such a beautiful night everyone is happy and in love. What can be a perfect way to end a beautiful than with a beautiful serenade. Sun Bo and Zhi Gang said the most beautiful trusting words you can ever say to anyone, I Do. Their best friends Gao Chun, Xia de and Xia En came to congratulate them on their big and wish them something very special. We were missing two best friends but if there any consolation they were there but not really there. Think of them of two angels who would always be in our hearts for always and always. Anywho you can’t take anyone’s smile everyone is so incredibly happy they could fly. So much love and happiness in everyone’s eyes. I’m gonna cry. Well there you have it folks Close to you HIStory 4. A sweet, bubbly, romantic of two best friends and two step brothers falling in love.
    Side note but the serenade scene was improvised and unscripted. Charles Tu who plays Li Chen wanted to surprise everyone the actors and crew and even the fans with that unexpected beautiful serenade. Which means that those tears coming Anson Chen who plays Teng Teng were all real. Boy was so emotional he couldn’t help it he burst into tears. Everything from the serenade to the chase scene was all improvised and unscripted. Charles and Anson wanted to add a little bit of comedy into the mix, brilliant. Also at the restaurant scene. Notice a gorgeous woman in the background with short hair. Well that gorgeous name is Nancy she’s the creator of this masterpiece. Without her this masterpiece would of probably never existed. So a huge warm thank you to Nancy Charles, Anson, Michael and Wico couldn’t find an amazing director in three lifetimes. Close to everyone💙💜💚

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