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How to bone broth? What Are The Benefits? - admin - 07-22-2022

How to bone broth? What Are The Benefits? Recipe Ingredients For
  • Buttoned plenty veal bones (joints)
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar
Optional additions you can make.
  • Rosemary
  • Bay leaf
  • Black pepper
  • Celery

How to bone broth? What Are The Benefits? Recipe How-To?

  1. Bone broth home to prepare the medullary bones joints by resting in water first for about 1 hour if you have purchased along with your blood.
  2. Get a large pot by pouring water then wait for the bones. By adding vinegar and 1 tablespoon water until 3-4 fingers on the bones will cross on the stove.let
  3. Near the stove to boil, boil on low heat and let the squint as slowly as possible. Trick: air bubble will be won only slight overheat scalding hot boiling the bones. You can see in the video.
  4. In this way, add 7 to 8 hours of our bones. During this period, you will see meat the consistency of the gel coming out of our water.
  5. After receiving a large bone fragments from the stove afterwards from within the water, get water from the filter and afterwards if you are passing, let drain for small bone fragments.
  6. Bone the water then leave to cool.
  7. The cooled water that occurs on a layer of white fat and the remaining bone to the bone taking the separation gel consistency, you can remove our water storage containers in the freezer.
  8. We are not folded with oil reserved, but if you wish you can add stuffing to the inside of the rice and the dishes. Will give flavor to your meals.
  9. I've made without the use of spices, but if you want you can cesnilendirebi the materials mentioned in the bone with spices such as water. If you want to use bone broth after boiling, you can add the spices the Spice.

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